Dancing Groot

Creator and Developer

Dancing Groot dances with the music.


Dancing Groot was one of the first maker projects that I worked to explore 3D printing. In this little project, my goal was to create a device that moves. He was inspired in the older dancing flowers.

It is a very simple device: it dances with an algorithm that detects onsets.


This project had a very fast execution, with 10 hours of work. The Groot design was downloaded from here, the rest of the design and software development was made by me.

I designed it with Fusion 360. All parts have been printed with an Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus 3D printer.

I used an ESP8266 microcontroller. The code was made in C++11. I made a WebSocket server that is open to receive commands for its dancing. The onset detection code was made with Python and Aubio.