Francisco de Souza Júnior
Hi! My name is Francisco, and I am a

Software Developer.

Software and Product Development

I'm a computer scientist passionate about computers and science. I enjoy creating high-quality software using the best tools and technology available. In my career, I've used different tools and built different solutions for my employers.

Back end

I developed back-end software mainly using Python. I have experience with RESTful applications using Flask, MongoEngine, and SQLAlchemy. I also used PySpark and Airflow to process large amounts of data.

Machine Learning

With Keras and Python, I've built some fully connected and convolutional neural networks to solve some classification problems with supervised learning.


I've worked on some embedded software professionally and as a maker. I have experience developing with C and C++ for microcontrollers and embedded OS (Linux/QNX). I also know domain-specific tools like IBM Rational Rhapsody. I'm very interested in IoT.


I've worked on developing desktop software (for Windows and Linux) with C, C++ (Qt), Java (Swing) and Python (PyQt). 

I'm a life-long learner

I think of myself as a generalist software developer that becomes a specialist depending on my employer's needs.

This is what I believe: tools always change and get deprecated, so more important than master a single tool, is to learn domain knowledge, to be open to work with different technologies and to learn a new thing every day to solve the upcoming challenges.