Echar 20

Software Development Leader





Echar is a fully automatic drone used by the agricultural sector. Echar has an endurance of almost 2 hours and HA technology, a proprietary technology from XMobots that allows 2 cm of accuracy in the creation of orthophotos and digital models.


Is a high-technology medium-sized drone, with the best tradeoff for Brazillian market.

  • Lean system: the Echar has 4 parts: the drone itself, a small communication antenna with 10Km range, a Ground Control Station and a catapult for its launch.
  • Autopilot developed by XMobots, using a 1GHz ARM SoC, with RTOS QNX;
  • Ground Control Station software fully developed by XMobots for flight planning and realtime control of the drone.
  • Real-time navigation video transmission in HD.


In this project, I acted as a software development leader, with emphasis on the Ground Control Station software. I created software for Arator monitoring and operating.

This software was developed in Java (Swing), C and C++. I used a lot of MDD with IBM Rational Rhapsody (UML) and Esterel SCADE. The software that I programmed fulfill realtime and multiplatform requirements and run on embedded Linux on ARM platforms.