Arator 5B

Software Development Leader





The Arator 5B is the first Brazillian drone approved by ANAC. Until now, it is the only drone allowed to fly above 400 ft in Brazil. The Arator 5B is a milestone in Brazillian aviation history.


Like its previous version (Arator 5A), the Arator is a portable high-technology drone, the market leader, and the most advanced small-sized drone developed in Brazil.

  • Lean system: The Arator has 3 parts: the drone itself, a small communication antenna with 10 Km range, and a Ground Control Statio;
  • Autopilot developed by XMobots, using a 1GHz ARM SoC, with RTOS QNX;
  • Ground Control Station software fully developed by XMobots for flight planning and real-time control of the drone;
  • Its software meets the RBAC94 standard, which is the Brazilian standard that defines all the requirements that a drone must meet to fly legally in Brazil.


In this project, I acted as the software development leader, with emphasis on the Ground Control Station software. I helped in the creation of Arator monitoring and operating software. 

We developed this software in Java (Swing), C and C++. We used MDD with IBM Rational Rhapsody (UML) and Esterel SCADE. That software fulfills real-time and multi-platform requirements and runs on embedded Linux on ARM platforms.

I also worked in the certification process, analyzing requirements, helping with the definition of strategies to meet these requirements and writing system conformity reports to ANAC.

Photography of the project authorization Solemnity at ANAC, with XMobots and ANAC teams.

Project Authorization Solemnity at ANAC.