Ground Control Station for Long Endurance Drones

Project coordinator and Developer




XMobots and FAPESP

We created an audacious project of XMobots to remotely control large drones in long endurance operations. It involves a shelter to operate the drones and store the control and communication modules, two telescopic communication antennas and also software that control the drones remotely.

Internal visual of the Ground Control Station.


I performed as the project coordinator and as a software developer in this project.

As project coordinator, I did the requirement analysis, architecture specification, components specifications, management of national and international purchasing of components and also managed the skilled XMbots team to the realization of this project.

As a software developer, I programmed in Java (Swing), C, C++. I used a lot of MDD with IBM Rational Rhapsody (UML) and Esterel SCADE. The software fulfills real-time and multi-platform requirements, meets military standards (STANAG 4586) and runs on embedded Linux on ARM platforms.